"Giving, caring and fun," said close friend Nathan Burckhard.

Just a few words to describe local Minot resident Andrew Gudmunson.

Gudmunson along with his girlfriend and their two friends were witnesses to Sunday nights massacre.

Everyone was safe, except for Gudmunson who was shot and injured.

Nathan Burckhard/Close Friend"I was relieved that he made it to the hospital but also obviously very worried to know that he had been shot twice," said close friend Nathan Burckhard.

His dear friend is currently in stable condition.

"We're all thankful and we're all cautiously optimistic I think is the vibe everybody has right now. We're happy that he's still alive and he's a fighter and he's a strong-strong guy," said close friend Tony Mueller.

Using the hashtag GOODYSTRONG friends and family gathered at local bar putting together a fund for him.

"Being good friends with goody it just means a lot to get together and to rally around him and know that he has support and love and strength coming his way," said close friend Holly Johnson.

There was hugging, laughter, and the feeling of relief to know that one of their own is doing ok.

"The first feeling that I had was holy cow this guy's got nine lives. The guy is one of the nicest guy you ever met, how is he the guy that was selected to go through this," said close friend Nick Hulberg.

"He's the most selfless guy I know," said Johnson.

Just a few more words to describe Gudmunson.

and even though the community isn't right by his side they remain hopeful for his speedy recovery.


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