Fun in the fall sun

Getting down to business.

"Just doing the leaves. The wind's not really cooperating, but it usually never does in North Dakota so. But I usually have to do them two or three times a year, so this is round two." said Tyler Mitchell, Minot Resident.

All in preparation of the inevitable snow.

"I don't care for winter at all. Last winter was -all the snow we got in December and January was pretty brutal, but it is what it is." said Mitchell.

There is still time to get out and enjoy the fall season.

"She just loves it, like she runs. She runs up to the kites and she runs back and forth and, before you know it, we get like a lot of distance in the legs so. And it's fun." said Steven Bhardwaj, Minot Resident.

The array of colors can't be ignored.

"The leaves and the colors of the trees is so pretty out here. Man, I love it. I actually had to take a couple pictures for it, yeah it was nice." said Lavonte Greene, Minot Resident.

People are on the lookout for any opportunity to be outside.

"We are here going on a Pokemon adventure!" said Russel Lyle Hokenson, Minot Resident.

Searching far and wide throughout the trail.

"It's our first time ever playing Pokemon Go, and we're going to go to a gym." said Hokenson.

"We got one! We got one!" said Hokenson.

The time spent outdoors brought smiles all around.

"I like fall, I wish it was longer. Wish it was about like summer." said Mitchell.

These people are making the most of their time in the sun before it's too cold.


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