Food Services Minot Location to Close

20 Workers Losing Jobs

Minot, ND - 20 people will be looking for work in January when the Minot location of Food Services of America is taken off line.

Jim Olson joins us from outside the Minot Food Services of America office with the details.

The operations normally performed in Minot will shift to Fargo as of January 15th.
The president of the Dakota Group of Food Services says drivers, maintenance workers, and sales staff will stay on, but 26 other workers will no longer have jobs at the Minot location.
Dan Blank says five or six have accepted positions in the Fargo office.
The others will lose their jobs in just over two months.

(Dan Blank, Food Services of America Dakota Group President) "It's the 20, 21 associates that are not able to come over here that are my biggest concern right now. I want to make sure that they all land on their feet, find an opportunity."

(Jim Olson, Kx News)
Blank says customers in the Minot region will continue to receive shipments from Food Services of America - but the trucks will come from Fargo.
One small vendor I talked with worried that he'd no longer be able to get the food needed for his school concession stand.

But Blank says the company will work with smaller customers to make sure they have what they need.
After more than 30 years in this building, the Minot location of Food Services of America will make 
its final shipment from this location on January 11th.

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