Flood Wall Nears Completion

Minot, ND - The flood wall is a two year, 25 million dollar project.

Located on the south side of the Mouse River, it will protect the water treatment plant from a 100 year flood event like in 2011.

It's 1,720 feet of concrete flood walls that can act as two temporary road closures for protection.

Now, the project has reached the beautifying stage - staining the concrete to match the surrounding buildings and also adding an anti-graffiti coat.

This wall acts a huge asset to the city now and in the many years to come.

(Mark Lyman/Project Public Information Officer) "Without this sort of protection, we would be back to boiling the water in case of a flood. We'd be back to being worrying about not just an individuals home flooding, but no one having drinking water for the area. So this was the highest project from the stand point of protecting one of our most important infrastructures."

You can find more on the flood wall and on the other phases of the flood protection plan at the Mouse River Flood Plan's website.

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