Fee Flap Leads to Changing Charges

Airport Reduces Maximum Ramp Fee For Small Planes

Minot, ND - The Minot Airport is changing it's backing away from a large fee increase after an outcry from small plane owners who park planes at the airport.

As part of building a 2018 budget, airport officials raised the rate to park a plane outside from under a dollar a day to five dollars a day.

Craig Vantilborg owns a small plane and has moved it north to Mohall.
It's now parked at one of several newer hangars at the Mohall airport. 

He says the increase from $25 a month to $150 a month was just too much.

(Craig Vantilborg, Pilot) "Not reasonable to be able to tie it down at that point when other airports either have no charge for tying down or a very minimal charge compared to what it was going to in Minot."

Vantilborg - and others - took their concern to airport officials who agreed to settle on a smaller increase.

At today's city council committee meeting, the $5/day cost was agreed to, but there's now a cap per month.

(Rick Feltner, Minot Airport Manager) "We're capped at $60 per month. That allows us to go ahead and continue to capture a larger per-day fee from people who aren't here all the time, so people just flying in for a couple of days will get the $5 per day but if somebody's here for the whole month it will cap out at $60."

Feltner says there has been a drop in planes parked at the airport in recent weeks...but he's not sure if it was due to the impending price increase, or some other factors.

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