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FDA issues dog treat warning

Your dogs chew toy could be deadly.

The FDA reported there's been an increase in reports about illnesses involving dog bones.

"Bones in general, natural bones, processed bones, bones that are cooked can have a variety of hazards," said Veterinarian Dr. Ron Thunshelle.

A total of about 90 animals have been affected. Dr. Thunshelle says the hazards aren't something new

'It's just the ease of reporting and increased reports," said Dr. Thunshelle.

Still though, dog bones have a high risk of hurting our fury friends, but which ones?

"In a lot of cases bones with marrow cavities, especially if cooked have the tendency to break into shards and those shards can cause problems in the mouth wounds in the mouth, they can perforate the intestines," said Dr. Thunshelle.

He adds that there can also be contamination with bacteria like salmonella and listeria.
KX decided to head to the store and purchase a variety of treats that fell under the list of what the FDA reported.  We showed Dr. Thunshelle and got his opinion on each one.

 "I have a concern with this bone in that it's got a marrow cavity and it's very thin it's got a thin cortex so sharp pieces can broke off of that and swallowed and cause complications". Pigs ears are really common now and they have a similar problem to what rawhide do and that they can soften them up enough that they can try and swallow them and choke on them," said Dr. Thunshelle.

We reached out to the FDA and they provided us with the most commonly reported brands, among those were Boots and Barkely, Dentley's, Dynamic Pet Products Grillerz, and Merrick.

"Providing them with something safe and under supervision is what we need to focus on," said Dr. Thunshelle.
and if something isn't right call your veterinarian right away.

Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe:

Here are some tips to keep your dog safe:

  • Chicken bones and other bones from the kitchen table can cause injury when chewed by pets, too. So be careful to keep platters out of reach when you’re cooking or the family is eating.
  • Be careful what you put in the trash can. Dogs are notorious for helping themselves to the turkey carcass or steak bones disposed of there.
  • Talk with your veterinarian about other toys or treats that are most appropriate for your dog. There are many available products made with different materials for dogs to chew on.

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