Father's Day at the Zoo

Roosevelt Zoo celebrated the holiday by providing free admission to dads with the purchase of a children's ticket.
Families dropped by to say hello to their favorite animals and watched them move around their enclosures.
Both the Zoo guests and animals seemed to enjoy the beautiful weather.
"We got a little animal lover here, and a future one there that wanted to come see all the creatures that we have to look at." said Brad Fritel, Visiting Zoo.
"Oh we love it. The weather's beautiful, just a little breezy. Looks like it's going to rain, but I don't think it's going to rain. It looks pretty good outside." said Rafael Guerra, Visiting Zoo.
"They kind of like all of them there. They like the noisy monkeys and they're always fun aren't they?" "Too noisy!" said Tim Johnson, Visiting Zoo.
To all the dad's out there.. we wish you a very happy father's day from the KX News family!

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