Fake inmates experience Ward County Jail

32 people were "arrested" and spent the night in the new Ward County Jail. But they weren't criminals --  the new jail won't be open for another few weeks.
Everyone in this group signed up for the chance to see what it was like to be an inmate for a night. They each received a fake warrant for their arrest and took a trip downtown to serve their sentence. By the morning, they were all ready to go home.

"It was interesting to see how they live, it's definitely could be boring to sit in a cell all day with your cellmates -so you'd better like them- but it wasn't -it wasn't horrible. The beds: those suck." says Amber Benham, Fake Inmate.

Although the fake inmates may not have gotten the best sleep last night, they did it all for a good cause. Together, they rasied over $3,000 for the Domestic Violence Crisis Center.

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