Elementary Students Are Trapping Their Luck

St. Patrick's Day calls for a celebration at Longfellow Elementary.

Many kids and teachers were festive in their green attire, but Ms. Norbury's class is on a mission.

Each student was tasked with creating a trap to catch the leprechauns and hopefully bring some luck to the classroom. 

Here's Alexus Arthur.


(Teegan Dangel, 1st Grader) "How does it work Lily?"

(Alexus Arthur, KX News) "1st graders are trapping all the luck they can get."

(Jaci Norbury, 1st Grade Teacher) "Ultimately the goal was for them to work with their family to create a fun little leprechaun trap project."

(Student) "The thing will go like this and it will fall in."

(Alexus Arthur, KX News) "The students had to put themselves in a leprechauns shoes to figure out how to creat their trap."

(Jaci Norbury, 1st Grade Teacher) "Leprechauns like gold."

(Student) "So, he walks up the steps. So if he goes this way he hits the pot of gold and if he goes that way he hits the pot of gold."

(Alexus Arthur, KX News) "They know the color green and lucky charms will lead them to the pot of gold."

(Teegan Dangel, 1st Grader) "He walks up and jumps in and he tries to jump out but it's too high."

(Jaci Norbury, 1st Grade Teacher) "Some are small and some are pretty big but each student has gotten to tell me how the trap works."

(Teegan Dangel, 1st Grader) "He's going to think that it's going to be real gold but it's really not."

(Jaci Norbury, 1st Grade Teacher) "They all work in such different ways and so you really get to see their imagination come out and what they think is a super cool idea."

(Alexus Arthur, KX News) "The leprechauns pop out once a year on St. Patrick's Day, but it's only if you're lucky do you get the chance to see them. In Minot, Alexus Arthur, KX News."


The classes traps were successful and all of them left feeling the luck of the Irish.

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