Downtown crane removed after two years over parking ramp

For three years, downtown Minot has been under construction.

"It's a real positive move forward to have the downtown be so beautiful and the improvements and knowing that it's not just surface, it's -you know our infrastructure's in good shape." said Margie Bolton, Owner of Margie's Art Glass.

Although the construction finished up back in September, the crane over the Renaissance Parking Ramp was still there.

"I think it got to be such a sight in Minot that -you know- and was -you know- going on for so long that people just kind of turn their head and forgot that it was here." said Stephanie Munos, Minot Resident.

Now, that temporary landmark is getting taken down.

"It'll come apart in pieces, then we'll just transport it out to a designated area and unload it and then when they're ready to haul it to California or wherever it's going, they'll load it up again and send it out." said Todd Hustad, Crane Operator.

Despite the snowy weather on Saturday, the crew began rigging the crane to prepare it for the tear down process.

"This crane being taken down and -you know- the reformation of the area. I think thats really going to -it's the overall aesthetic of Minot is going to be changed and I think that's going to start through downtown." said Matthew Maldonado, Co-Owner of Putt District.

The next day, the crew worked to separate the pieces so they could be lowered to the ground and readied for transportation.

"The horizontal on these are always difficult. That one is always the key one to get down, and yeah, once we get past that point it goes a little easier breaking the bolts and pulling the vertical." said Matt Finnerty, Owner of Finnco Services.

Residents are excited that the area is returning to a sense of normality.

"I think it's a great start to get all of our downtown businesses going for the holiday season. Us and the girls like to come out and shop and support our local boutiques." said Ashley Lynn Clark, Minot Resident.

All that is left to do is to fill the hole where the crane stood. The project is expected to take three or four days before it is completed.


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