DL/B Vote on School Expansion Next Week

Burlington, ND -  A school coop is putting a nearly-12-million dollar project in front of voters next week after a larger project failed to get enough support in the spring.

Jim Olson tells us about efforts to expand and remodel at Des Lacs/Burlington.

(Knock on door)

Welcome to Kindergarten at Burlington Elementary school.

(Teacher) "Who here likes chocolate cake?"

It's one of the classrooms that would be changing locations if a proposed 11.9 million dollar construction project is approved by Des Lacs-Burlington patrons.

(Christopher Bachmeier, DL/B Superintendent) "This is what's best for the kiddos of Des Lacs and Burlington. It's not a matter of where we're building or what we're doing it's what's best for our kids."

Superintendent Christopher Bachmeier says the plan being presented to voters is scaled back from the 15-million dollar proposal that fell just short...

(Christopher Bachmeier, DL/B Superintendent) "We missed it by 30 votes."

...back in April

(Christopher Bachmeier, DL/B Superintendent) "So we took the plans and scaled it back."
(Brenda Buri, School Board Member) "We took into account the concerns the community had brought forth to us." 

Brenda Buri and other school board members want to move students above 6th grade from here at Burlington down the road to Des Lacs - where a newly-expanded building would be home to Junior High and Senior High students.

(Christopher Bachmeier, DL/B Superintendent) "It's a school within a school."

That would segregate the oldest from the youngest students - something some people had worried about. Michelle Berg has two students at the Burlington building and is all for the changes.

(Michelle Berg, Mother of Two DL/B Students) "I love the plans. The more that I look at them, the more I love them."

She likes the larger classrooms, more expansive subject choices, right-sized student-teacher ratios, and no more portable classrooms.

(Michelle Berg, Mother of Two DL/B Students) "I'd rather not see the portables, I don't think it's a very good place for kids to learn."
(Christopher Bachmeier, DL/B Superintendent) "It's an investment into the kids that we're trying to accomplish."

That's why the leaders at DL-B say they're bringing an expansion project to voters for the second time this year.
Jim Olson, KX News.

There's a public forum about the project Wednesday night at seven at the Des Lacs High School with the vote on the 14th.
If it gets 60% or more yes votes, owners of a 200-thousand dollar house would see a property tax hike of about 180-dollars per year.

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