Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April is distracted driving awareness month.

Many of us may think phones are the biggest problem on the road, but there are other distractions that can cause accidents.

Alexus Arthur is live in Minot to explain the dangers of distracted driving.

We might not think of it as a big responsibility, but getting behind the wheel is something to be very cautious about.

I spoke to the senior officer at the Minot police department and  he said that distractions are everywhere and it's important to stay focused.

Distractions can include calling or texting on a cell phone, eating food, changing the radio station, or even talking with the person in the passenger seat.

A new law has been passed that mentions that a police officer can pull someone over if the driver is distracted and is breaking a traffic violation.

"We're not looking for people who are eating a hamburger, for example. We're not looking for people who are changing their music, or talking to their children, or, you know that, and saying 'Okay you're in violation.' There has to be a resultant harm done, there has to be a resultant violation of law, for us to enforce that." said Aaron Moss.

The new law will be in effect August 1st.

Until then, the remaining law regarding distracted driving states that people under the age of 18 cannot text or make calls on their phones.

Adults over 18 can make calls, but it's recommended that you keep your eyes on the road.

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