DCB Horticulture Program Returns

Published 10/25 2016 07:51PM

Updated 10/25 2016 07:52PM

It's never winter in the greenhouse. That's especially true for Dakota College at Bottineau after the Horticulture program was put on ice for three years. Jennifer Kleen tells us how the major is now ready to flourish. (Jennifer Kleen, KX News) "Dakota College at Bottineau officials know what a committment going back to school can be. That's why they've built a program that you can grow into, one week at a time." (Diann Beckman, DCB Horticulture Instructor) "In the past, we've always had traditional, semester at a time." (Keith Knudson, Dakota College at Bottineau Instructor) "We can get enough credits going through these one or two week modules." (Kleen) A homegrown approach to higher education with an emphasis in horticulture. (Beckman) "People can come and get a brush up and credit and when they get 15 credits they get a certificate or they can take the entire program and get an associates in applied science." (Kleen) The DCB Horticulture program was suspended in 2014 due to a lower student count. (Knudson) "It took some time for us to sit back and look at the industry as a whole." (Kleen) With the help of a 200-thousand dollar USDA Rural Business Development grant, the program is reopening in January. (Knudson) "We know the horticulture industry is a viable industry so we needed to change the way that we were doing things." (Kleen) Which for DCB started with week by week convenience. (Knudson) "We've gotten a lot of feed back and a lot of interest in this method with the modular form. I think it will continue to grow this way. We really hope it will." (Beckman) "Plant people are a different breed and we all get this addiction for plants. So that's what we like to do." (Kleen) "We have Dakota College at Bottineau course description links on our website at MyNDNow.com. Reporting in Bottineau, Jennifer Kleen, KX News." Tonight at 6, hear about DCB's year-round partnership with the International Peace Gardens. And when a student wanted to build his own major -- his instructors let him. Dakota College at Bottineau: www.DakotaCollege.edu

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