Cynthia Wilder Pleads Guilty in Murder Conspiracy

Minot, ND - A Minot woman admits helping her husband kill his ex-wife.
Cynthia Wilder changed her plea to "guilty" today in district court - saying she did play a role in allowing husband Richie Wilder to murder Angila Wilder.

She also admitted taking steps to help her husband with an escape attempt from the county jail.

Richie Wilder stabbed his ex-wife 44 times in 2015 and is serving a life sentence in prison.

Cynthia Wilder faces up to life in prison on the conspiracy charge.

Her "guilty" plea was entered on an Alford basis, meaning she disagrees with some aspects of the state's case, but admits she would likely be found guilty. 

Her attorney said Wilder embellished her role in the crimes to a confidential informant, hoping to win his affection.

(Patrick Waters, Wilder's Attorney) "Some of the things she told the confidential informant were exaggerated to increase the perception of what her role was in this and they were exaggerated in a misguided attempt to impress this individual. She was actively seeking a relationship with this confidential informant."

Judge Stacy Louser ordered a pre-sentence investigation in Wilder's case and set sentencing for late March.

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