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Cynthia Wilder Charged in Minot Murder Case

Minot, N.D. - There's been another arrest in connection with a 2015 Minot murder.

The wife of convicted murderer Richie Wilder was arrested today and charged with conspiracy in the murder of Wilder's ex-wife.

Cynthia Wilder was picked up just before Noon.

She is facing charges related both to the murder and to Richie Wilder's brief escape.

It was December when Richie Wilder was convicted of murder in the stabbing death of his ex-wife Angila in November of 2015.

This month, he was sentenced to life in prison for the killing.

After the sentencing, his current wife, Cynthia told us she didn't believe Richie was guilty.

"None of it makes any sense to me at all. He's a good man. He's a good husband," said Cynthia Wilder on January 20, 2017. 

Now, Cynthia is accused of helping Richie pull off the murder, and of helping him escape from the county jail in August of last year.

Court documents say Cynthia Wilder told a man with whom she previously had a relationship that she helped Richie commit the murder by casing Angila Wilder's home the night of the murder to make sure her boyfriend had left for an overnight job.

She is accused of helping Richie Wilder clean his car after the crime.

Court records also say Cynthia Wilder aided Richie Wilder in an escape from the Ward County Jail in August by parking a vehicle not far from the jail.

The affidavit also says Cynthia Wilder met the informant Wednesday and said she and Richie planned and covered up the murder and that they agreed on a story to tell police - a story she says she stuck with.

But today, she's in jail, charged with Conspiracy to Commit Murder - and Accomplice to Escape.

The maximum sentence for the conspiracy charge is life in prison.

No court date has been set for Cynthia Wilder.


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