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Cow's Kick Leads to Requiring Harvest Help

Karlsruhe, ND - North Dakotans have a long history of helping neighbors in need.

And that's what's happening in farm fields near Karlsruhe this week.

Jim Olson traveled to Galen Keller's farm to see how friends - and Farm Rescue - are pitching in at harvest.

(Galen Keller, Karlsruhe-Area Farmer/Rancher) "I'm a third generation on the farm..."

Galen Keller's operation is like many in the state

(Galen Keller, Karlsruhe-Area Farmer/Rancher) "I raise small grains, corn, sunflowers, and beef cattle."

But one of his cows turned things a bit sour this year

(Galen Keller, Karlsruhe-Area Farmer/Rancher) "In June, a cow kicked through the corral panels."

The result was tears of his ACL, MCL, PCL...

(Galen Keller, Karlsruhe-Area Farmer/Rancher) "I never knew there were so many "Ls" in the knee."

And - an inability to finish off the small grain growing season. But that changed thanks to Farm Rescue - they brought two combines, and a neighbor made it three.

(Galen Keller, Karlsruhe-Area Farmer/Rancher) "A couple of my neighbors came with another combine and a grain cart and a fuel man from Velva he's been excellent and comes any time."

That's allowed Galen to watch while his wheat crop goes from ripe in the field to safely in trucks and bins. But who is Farm Rescue?

(Andy Wittenburg, Volunteer) "I'm an old farm boy out of Iowa."

It's Andy Wittenberg - now a pastor in Oregon who takes two weeks vacation each year to volunteer.

(Andy Wittenburg, Volunteer) "There's something about seeding, harvest, there's adrenaline that flows, there's a feeling of accomplishment there that I'll admit - pastoring sometimes it's hard to see accomplishments, here it's not."

It's Charles Bartsch - a longtime Minot area farmer who got involved nine years ago.

(Charles Bartsch, Volunteer) "You get to meet new volunteers and the farmer that you're helping - it's always a pleasure to help them."

It all comes together in fields like Galen Keller's - to make sure another farm family isn't sidelined by injury or illness.

Near Karlsruhe, Jim Olson, KX News.

Farm Rescue officials say it's unsual for two of their combines to be in one field, but the schedule just worked out that way this week.


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