City working to create solution for nuisance animals

They are a sight to see, but animals such as deer, wild turkeys, geese and raccoons can sometimes create a hazard.

"There's always going to be a conflict between wildlife and people at some point," said Minot resident Laura Erickson.

Over the past two years, animal accidents and calls have risen and residents want a solution.

"There does need to be some kind of clear ordinance that's reasonable that addresses the core issues of why these animals are moving in they're getting resources they need," said Erickson.

Resources like food.

"We need to look at a broader than just taking them out with a bow," said Erickson.

Earlier this week the city council took a look at an ordinance prohibiting bowhunting within city limits an act that is legal for now.

"There were some requests to hunt in the cemetery and we as council members have some concerns about public safety, employee safety and so we moved quickly to put a prohibition on that act," said Chairman of the nuisance committee Josh Wolsky.

Some were not happy, but the real issue is finding a solution to control these animals.

"I think we do have a problem and I think the data has pointed to the fact that it would be wise for us to implement some type of management system or solution," said Wolsky.

In their second meeting, the nuisance animal committee discussed some of these possible solutions.

"The two recommendations that came from the council at this point were a prohibition on feeding, it's not good for them, it creates bad patterns and behaviors so it's one of the simple very quick easy acts that we can take," said Wolsky.

Some residents feel that the solutions discussed are to harsh.

"There needs to be more consideration for the animals involved and not just kill kill kill, create fines, don't feed them, don't do this don't do that," said Minot resident Rosemay Farrell.

Nothing has been approved, nor has it taken effect but the discussion will continue.

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