Children's museum opens for 4th season

As the days get colder, it can be difficult finding ways to get out your child's pent up energy from being indoors.

"What's in here?" asked Stephanie Osgood, Parent.

"Oh I -I think it's soup." said Molina Osgood, Child at Discovery Center.

Learning through play.

"The Magic City Discovery Center is a small scale children's museum. We're here just part time, because we don't have our own building, yet. But the Air Museum lets us use their building while they're closed in the winter and, so, we're able to provide fun and education for kids." said Wendy Keller, Project Manager.

Although it's a museum, the kids are encouraged to play with everything.

"Sometimes, I think the word 'museum' is a little bit of a misnomer, because people think that museums are items behind glass. That is not at all what we are. We want you to touch things, we want you to move things." said Keller.

The stations are designed to get the kids to think in a different way.

"It keeps them busy and it's learning activities. It's learning through play and that's what I really like about it." said Kylie Abbiattia, Parent.

From coding a robot to building ball ramps, the children can let their creative energy flow.

"It's not intended to build just, like, just a plane or just a building, it's totally just free -free thinking and they can build whatever they want with it." said Keller.

Although the Discovery Center is aimed towards kids ten and under, adults can still join in on the fun with their little ones.

"It's just so cool. She can experiment with, like, science stuff and she can just -you know- be artistic, she can pretty much do anything she wants here and she just has a blast." said Osgood.

Piece by piece, the Discovery Center has been able to grow a little more each year.

"I think it's great. I mean, I think it's just a nice thing in Minot, another thing for kids to come out and so many different things for them to interact and do." said Jayme Berntsen, Parent.

One day, they hope to have a building that they can operate in year round.The museum is open every week, Wednesday through Sunday, and costs four dollars per person.


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