CaringEdge Provides More Services To Senior Residents

A retirement home is taking steps to make living more comfortable for its residents.

Alexus Arthur explains a new program known as CaringEdge and how it's allowing seniors to have their resources in one spot.

"Let's do some curls," said Jenna Perlichek, Director of Therapy.

"We all need a little help," said Steve Mays, Edgewood Vista Resident.

Getting a little extra help is becoming easier for residents living at Edgewood Vista.

"I'm almost 86 so every now and then my bones creak a little bit and I need a little help," said Mays.

"The idea is to bring in more caregivers into the community to provide service so that people don't have to leave the facility," said Phil Gisi, Chief Executive Officer of Edgewood.

A new program known as CaringEdge is officially in North Dakota. CaringEdge will offer physical, occupational, and speech therapy, and hospice services inside the building.

"Now one arm and go up," said Perlichek.

"This is a community of older people so they need the rehab and the physical therapy," said Mays.

For Steve Mays, the new services will be a big help.

"I've broken both hips off so I needed rehab there," said Mays.

"It's a better outcome for them and it's more meaningful," said Perlichek.

He used to travel off-site for his physical therapy, now it's just a few steps down the hall.

"The rehab is right here and they can use the equipment that's here and the hallways and it's available," said Mays.

"You really get to know them. You feel like a family member," said Perlichek.

"You have to work at it all the time," said Mays.

Now, he'll be able to work on his rehab anytime he wants and make improvements even faster.

Edgewood has plans to expand this service to all of their facilities across North Dakota.

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