Canadian Pacific Will No Longer Stop In Harvey

The Canadian Pacific rail stop in Harvey will be closing.

Harvey received notice in mid-November that the rail stop in their town will be closing.

Currently the railroad has 73 train and engine employees in Harvey.

They also have mechanical, engineering, and signals and communications employees.

After the closing -- only 12 employees will remain in the city.

I went to Harvey, and let me tell you, people are not just upset, they're devastated.

"We are a railroad town," said Ann Adams, Harvey Mayor.

"It's a sad situation," said Jim Wienmann, Harvey Resident.

Canadian Pacific announced to employees that they will need to relocate to a different stop point in North Dakota.

"With higher speeds and an efficient signaling system in place, most crews can make the trip from Enderlin to Portal without with stopping in Harvey for re-crew within the federally mandated work period," said Andy Cummings, Canadian Pacific Spokesman.

"If you take all this away from us we're slowly going to die just like other railroad towns that die," said Adams.

Canadian Pacific is expanding in Minot, which is where more stops will be added and, where the company says it's employees can relocate to.

"When you take this kind of element out of it, it's devastating," said Mark Friedt, First International Bank Regional Marketing President.

Right now, there are many unknowns for the people of Harvey, and there are many concerns.

"A lot of houses will go on the market, our school will suffer substantially with kids leaving," said Adams.

For example, Harvey Public School has 400 students. 50 of those students have a parent that works on the railroad and could be leaving and if they do, that's 1/8 of the student body.

"When we lose kids we lose funding," said Dan Stutlien, Harvey Superintendent.

The housing market could take a hit. Families will be trying to sell their homes when there aren't many buyers.

"We're looking at 20% reduction in our housing market," said Friedt.

Downtown business owners say they're nervous and they wonder if a chunk of their customers won't be walking through these doors anymore.

"Payroll will be diminished here in the city," said Weinmann.

People fear the city could be stopped dead in its tracks but once a railroad town, always a railroad town.

"They'll always be a part of our company's rich history," said Cummings.

The Canadian Pacific spokesman told us the official closing date will be on or anytime after March 15th.

The mayor says that they will do whatever it takes to keep their town alive even if that means bringing in a new industry.


The city of Harvey was so upset about this railroad change that it took quick action.

We spoke to the mayor today who said he had a meeting with business owners to discuss what they can do to stop this from happening.

The group  reached out to their government officials including Hoeven, Heitkamp, and Kramer.

They've also told Canadian Pacific that they are willing to work with them to keep this in their town.

Mayor, Ann Adams told us today that a lot of money will leave the community if all of these employee's are gone and Harvey cannot afford that.

"Well we're very upset about it. I mean the railroad doesn't seem to care that they're pulling out of here. It's a money thing for them," said Ann Adams, Harvey Mayor.

The mayor doesn't think that it will be an immediate change, but it will be in the long run.


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