Businesses Tackle Social Media

Social media seems to be used multiple times a day by many people.

For that reason, businesses are joining the network.

But it can be hard to reach large audiences but Alexus Arthur tells us how some businesses are using social media as a tool.

"Hello everyone, I'm Corey Perlman and we're actually live at a social media event." said Corey Perlman, EBoot Camp Owner.

Say hi  because hundreds or even thousands of people could be receiving your message right now.

"If you go live your chances of engaging are way higher than any image or content poster." said Perlman.

Many of us look at our phones multiple times a day, checking the latest post, tweet, or picture.

"Social media is forefront with every generation." said Mary Helen Hasby,  Cookies For You Owner.

But groups of business owners and employees are wondering how they can use this tool to their advantage.

"How do you spend your money right?" said Neil Roberts, Forward Communication Owner/MSU Professor.

"Only boost the post that will give you results." said Perlman.

"How do you use the right strategies? asked Roberts.

"It's important for businesses to figure out where their market is, what age group, demographic, male/female." said Perlman.

"How do you use the right verbage." asked Roberts.

"You have to keep it interactive and engaging." said Perlman.

One of the biggest tips given was use what the social media sites are promoting. For example, Facebook promotes Facebook Live.

"The Facebook Live, we've been talking about that and we probably need to be doing that more." said Helen Hasby. 

"What do people care about that are following you on Facebook?" asked Perlman.

One more tip  focus on doing only a few tasks.

"If we try to do too much we won't get anything done." said Perlman.

So, join the network.

"Social media is definitely where it's at." said Helen Hasby.

Don't forget to say hi to your audience.

"Can we give them a big round of applause?" asked Perlman.

And share your message with the people on social media.

SocialThe speaker, Corey Perlman adds that social media isn't leaving anytime soon so it's important for businesses to be a part of it.

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