Business Beat: Verge Fitness, Magic City Nutrition, Paint With Me Ceramics

Being healthy includes moving your body and watching what you're putting in your mouth.

Now, there's a couple of new places that make healthy living a little bit easier.

Grabbing your tennis shoes and going to the gym may have gotten a little bit easier.

What used to be Gold's Gym is now Verge Fitness.

It is now a studio concept in a gym facility that offers several styles of working out.

Each of us start at different fitness levels and have our own individual goals. That's why they will work with you to make sure you are reaching your goals.

Verge Fitness believes that investing in your health should be fun and rewarding.

"We do a lot of helping people get in shape, but also helping people get active because that's a lot of it. We have different modalities here from classrooms to yoga to cycling. We do a lot of functional training here," said Aaron Moos, Verge Fitness Owner.

Working out isn't the only part of healthy living.

What you put into your body matters just as much. Magic City Nutrition has a whole list of tasty drinks that are also good for you.

All of the cold & hot shakes and teas are under 300 calories.

The shakes are a good source of protein and are great for post workouts.

The teas help boost your metabolism. There's also protein balls and aloe shots available.

Get creative and make a piece of art.

Paint With Me Ceramics offers classes to young and old to paint different ceramic pieces, but if you're someone who wants to do it on your time, you can stop in during their business hours.

Don't worry about bringing your own paint brush because they provide all the supplies.

If you'd like a custom piece made, you can call and they'll take care of it. 


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