Burn ban raising more concerns than just fires

A military veteran who suffers from PTSD says the weeks surrounding the 4th of July and New Year's Eve cause him trauma, and he wants the city of Minot to more strictly enforce its fireworks ban.

Michael Carswell appeared before the city council last week and said the violations of the fireworks law may be a nuisance to others, but cause him emotional distress.

Michael Carswell, Minot Resident: "I'm a disabled veteran with post-traumatic stress and when I sit in my back yard and I can feel the concussion from the explosion of these fireworks, I bother and plague Chief Olson's people, repeatedly calling 9-1-1 and they can't help me."

Police Chief Jason Olson acknowledged there are many violations of the city's ban, but that fully enforcing the law would require overtime hours and more personnel on the job.

Alderman Mark Jantzer promised to have the city look into ways to better police the fireworks ban.

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