Black Friday shopping commences, customers search for savings

Minot, ND - According to, the title "Black Friday" stems from many years ago when retailers would go 'into the black' on the day after Thanksgiving, which means it was one of the only days they could finally turn a profit - as opposed to being 'in the red,' when stores would lose money.

Black Friday shopping now has to compete with deals offered on Thanksgiving Day and of course Cyber Monday, but it was apparent today that Black Friday is still very much alive.

"Check out the deals, make sure you're saving money and having fun," shopper Makenna Brumbaugh said.

That seemed to be a common theme among Black Friday shoppers.

For some, it's not even about the deals.

"It's not the shopping it's just hanging out with my son, having fun," Sarah Wheeler said.

Sandy Williams said she wasn't looking for anything in particular, "just here to have fun."

"Just to see all these new people come to the store. It's really fun to have a lot of new people come in and introduce them to what we're doing," owner at Jax & Henley, Connor Koerbitz said.

Deals like 40 percent off, 50 percent off, extra bonus points and even free items depending on what you get or how much you spend made the early morning wakeup call worth while. 

Joslynn Gonzales said she found one dollar fuzzy socks at Old Navy.

Brooklyn Douglas said she noticed big sales on electronics and the more expensive items at the mall.

She even found more than 50 percent off a suitcase for her sister.

"It was as lot cheaper, it was originally 200 and she got it for 60," Douglas's friend said.

But not everybody is completely sold on these sales.

"Honestly it looks like they marked the prices up and then, like he said, you think you're getting deals but they just mark the prices up and it's still the same price it would be anywhere else," Austin Deck said.

Marked up or marked down, the biggest shopping season of the year is officially upon us.

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