Andrew Gudmunson Tells His Story

Minot Man Still Hospitalized After Las Vegas Shooting

Las Vegas, NV - A Minot man has posted a first-hand account of what happened when he was shot during a music festival in Las Vegas on October First.

Andrew Gudmunson used Facebook to tell the story of how he was wounded in the abdomen, loaded into a wheelbarrow and taken to a private car for a harrowing ride to a hospital. 

He says he was the third person on an operating table after the shooting - an amazing fact considering there were hundreds of people operated on that night.

Gudmunson says he was told by medical staff that he wouldn't have survived if he hadn't arrived at the ER so quickly.

He praises his girlfriend and concert companion McKenna Larson for her tenacity in getting him treatment, and sticking by him through his surgeries and slow recovery.

He says, "She saved my live, plain and simple."

Gudmunson says he is hoping to be back in Minot soon and sent thanks to all who have sent good wishes, prayers, fundraising efforts, and good vibes.

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