An event for "the girls" raising awareness of breast cancer

An event for the girls.

"We have all of these vendors who come out and they're very willing to donate their time, and donate their money. We actually have had a couple of vendors that do donate in addition to what their sales are." said Erin Youngblood, CHI St. Alexius Clinic Manager.

Ten percent of the vendors' sales will go towards the Women's Way of North Dakota.

"They can fill out the information, they have a counselor that helps them go through that process and if they qualify, then the Women's Way pays for those yearly mammograms for them to make sure that they have the same access to care that people with insurance do." said Youngblood.

There's no better time to get checked out than during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

"Breast cancer is such a huge problem in the United States, right now. And a lot of us are personally touched by that. My mom is actually a cancer survivor, as well as my sister, my aunt, and my grandmother. So it's very extensive in my family." said Youngblood.

Youngblood wants women to pay attention when things feel off.

"My mom, actually, was diagnosed when she was 70 years old. On the other side of my family, most of the cancer has presented in their thirties. So, it does present very young. So it's really important that people understand that this is not an old person's disease anymore." said Youngblood.

Although it can be daunting, the mammograms are necessary.

"We like to think that it can't happen to us and it isn't going to be what we think that it is. So they -it gets ignored and it's really important that if something just doesn't feel right, talk to your doctor, talk to your friends. Have that support system and come in and have that mammogram." said Youngblood.

A life saving process that takes less than fifteen minutes.


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