Airports across the state experienced a decline in passenger boarding's last month

Airports across the state...

According to the latest report from the North Dakota Aeronautics Commission passenger boarding's for almost all North Dakota airports are down.

Six out of eight commercial airports in the state saw a decrease in passenger boarding's for the month of October.
"The boarding's have to do with the number of flights and seats that the airlines bring in here you look at the percentages of seats that are full, we call that load factor," said Minot international airport director Rick Feltner.

This is what's used to determine passenger boarding's each month.

"In October of 2017 the airlines decreased the number of seats slightly from what they had last year," said Feltner.

 And the decrease was felt all over the state. Bismarck being at the top of the list, and Minot not too far behind.

On the other side, Williston and Dickson actually saw an increase in passenger boardings.

"That probably has to do with the energy sector coming back in the last six weeks or so," said Feltner.

I looked into other factors that might have contributed to the statewide decrease

"This trip was suppose to be the first time I flew out of Bismarck and the flight there was delayed so they sent me up here and it worked out great cause I live in Minot," said passenger Ken Odd.

Others don't have such an optimistic experience at the airport.

"When I want to travel, I want to travel I just have to like usually go out like o dark thirty and come back late at night those are when the flights go where I'm trying to go to," said passenger Lynn Becker.

Minot Airport staff says the decrease isn't something they are too alarmed with

"I don't think it's an indication of any downward trend in the over business," said Feltner.

In fact, at Minot International airport, they look forward to welcoming in new carriers in the future which would mean lower airfare for passengers.

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