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A sneak peek into the Renaissance Christmas Feast

"Here we go and one," says Music Director, Bob Demke.
"Love and joy onto you..." sings the Chamber Chorale.

Food, music, and period costumes all come together for the Renaissance Christmas Feast.

"It's not like a concert event, where you sit in an auditorium -you know- like this. We hope you'll do that at the end, but I mean it's kind of a loose -you know- night of fun," says Eric Furuseth, who plays the Lord of the Manor.

This will be the show's 45th year running, yet there's always something new to enjoy.

"Every aspect of the show has both aspects that are repeated, but even more aspects that are new each year," says Furuseth.

New this year will be a review of the choir featuring funny moments from prior shows.

"Old Frankenstein and myrrh," says Demke as the Chorale laughs.

The Minot Chamber Chorale have been rehearsing the music since October.

"It's a nice little haven for us to go to and just get completely involved in it and not really think about anything else," says Demke.

Soon, they will assemble the set and begin rehearsals in costume, just a few days before opening night.

"Well, it's compact. It's fast," says Furuseth.

Furuseth has played the Lord of the Manor for 24 years, and still looks forward to it each year.

"I absolutely love it. It's a lot of fun. I always feel like it's the time when the choir really gets to know each other, cause they spend so much time together," says Furuseth.

He added that for him, and others, the show kicks off the Christmas season.

Performances will be November 30th, and December 1st and 2nd. Click Here to make a ticket reservation.

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