A Professor Inspires His Students Through Art

It takes only one person to inspire another.

An art professor aims to find that spark in his students and motivates them to find that spark in others.

"I'm going to draw what's the cranium and the skull." said Micah Bloom, MSU Art Professor.

To be inspired.
"Micah has a really unique way of connecting with students." said Anne Houser, Central Campus Art Instructor.

"We're going to see these eyes come out a little bit.... Oooo spooky!" said Bloom.

Micah Bloom has been an art professor for the past 7 years and now that he's had many students graduate through his program, he's taking a trip down memory lane.

"It's great to have a former teacher come back and teach me some more." said Houser.

Anne Houser is now a high school art teacher who learned her best skills from Mr. Bloom.

"Being an art teacher, I love everything about it." said Houser.

"I'm really proud of them I mean they're the professional now, they're the teacher." said Bloom.

Houser says that he was an inspiration in school and she's proud to be following in his footsteps.

"It's pretty neat to see them in action and doing what they're meant to do." said Bloom.

And if that wasn't enough, now together they're sparking an interest in the next generation.

"My favorite tip was just go in the general area and then kind of go back for the details." said Latia Daniels, 9th Grader.

"He takes the time to really help students see where the proportions should meet up and helps the student correct it." said Houser.

Becoming an artist takes inspiration.

But to be a true artist means to inspire others. Reporting for KX News, I'm Alexus Arthur.

Micah Bloom has traveled to six other former students classrooms across the state.

He has one more visit at Des-Lacs Burlington.

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