40th Norsk Hostfest comes to an end

It takes a big team to clean up the largest Scandinavian festival in North America.

"We started, actually, at eight o'clock last night. So, right when the concert -well, actually, the concert was going, so. So most of the vendors actually came in, got their stuff while the concert was still going with Gary Allen and Josh Turner." said Cole Anderson, Høstfest Production Assistant.

Many volunteers have offered a helping hand.

"We have the help of some Minotaurs that are here -the Minot Hockey team- and Honor Society from the Campus School. So it's really nice to have some youth coming out to help us." said Becky Piehl, Decorating Committee Member.

The crews are working hard to get everything done.

"We've got to get up on the scissor lift and cut down all the wires. Then we've got to roll the signs up perfect so there's no wrinkles and it takes a lot of manpower." said Heather Mongeon, Sign Take Down Crew.

Although it took a few days to get everything set up, tearing it down must go quickly.

"Take it down, get it out, here we go, here we go." said Anderson.

"You just find a task and get started and help people get it done as fast as you can. Everybody has enjoyed the Høstfest, but now it's time to pack it all up and start getting ready for next year." said Chad Knickerson, Cleanup Crew Member.

After the fun times, it's bittersweet to see it all disappear.

"It's depressing to see this hall like this after it was so festive last night, but I look forward to next year. I'm making plans for some newer ideas, and I've got some help along the way that's going to give me some help making our stand look nicer." said Roxanna Maragos, Chairperson of Rømmegraut Stand.

With plans already in the works, next year's Høstfest should be even more exciting.

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