130 Years of the Magic City

Minot is celebrating a birthday, not of a person, but of the city itself.
Hannah Davis stopped by Oak Park to show us the party.
"Well, we wanted to see the birthday of Minot, its one hundredth and thirtieth year." said Katreena Pflugradt, Celebrating 130 Years.
The people feel that there's a lot to love about this city.
"I think just being here, out on this beautiful day, a light breeze, beautiful park, all kinds of people and I'm so happy for the large celebration. Because Minot deserves that." said Lowell Latimer, Celebrating 130 Years.
"We're always proud to be, you know, citizens of here in Minot and that stuff and, you know, we always take pride in this and our city and  we're just glad to come out here and actually celebrate with everybody -the times and stuff. It's great. The city I've seen grow over the years, it's really, really amazing." said Tom Mickelson, Celebrating 130 Years.
"We moved to Minot about five and a half years ago, and absolutely love the town and plan on staying. My husband is with the police department, so we came out just to enjoy the day and enjoy meeting new people." said Amanda Lund, Celebrating 130 Years.
Residents are celebrating with cake, inflatables, music and more.
"I always love birthday parties. And what birthday party could be more important, this summer, than Minot. And so, for the city of Minot, we celebrate." said Lowell Latimer, Celebrating 130 Years.
"Birthday parties? Well, obviously the cake that they've got over there, that's huge, so I'd like to have a slice of that, I guess." said Tom Mickelson, Celebrating 130 Years.
The Magic City has certainly grown a lot in the last one hundred thirty years, both in size and population. And we think, that's worth celebrating.
"We just want to see exactly what's going on. You know, we read about it, heard about it, and that stuff -we just wanted to check it out. We've been residents of Minot our whole lives, so we just wanted to see, you know, from the beginning to the end -to current time for what's going on. It's pretty cool." said Tom Mickelson, Celebrating 130 Years.
A timeline of Minot's history was displayed on the wall, showing major events the town has been through.
"I'm really happy for Minot and for the things that happen here. And we look forward to many, many more years of growth and activity." said Lowell Latimer, Celebrating 130 Years.
In Minot, Hannah Davis, KX News.
Residents were also able to get a close up look at the city equipment at the birthday party.

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