115th Hiddenwood Picnic

Every year around June 20th, the Hiddenwood Picnic Association hosts an event for everyone to enjoy.
This tradition started back in 1903 and continues to be a hit each year.
Hannah Davis visited the Hiddenwood picnic grounds to find out what keeps it going.
One hundred fifteen years ago, two homesteaders opened a general store near what is now Hiddenwood Lake.
They decided to host a picnic on June twentieth nineteen oh three to meet their neighbors.
The Hiddenwood Picnic Association has kept the tradition going ever since.
"It's just always been here for us, just like an old friend, you know how that is, yeah." said Ruth Wurtz, Long Time Picnic Attendee.
This picnic has been around for over one hundred years and holds many memories for the residents of the area.
"You know, we're just kind of proud of it, those who have been here all the time. It just -it's just almost sacred, and that's kind of silly to say, but it really is to us." said Ruth Wurtz, Long Time Picnic Attendee.
The children competed in races across the field and hunted for quarters in the grass.
This year, the twenty sixteen International Fiddle Champion, Shelby Huston, performed for the attendees.
When the tradition began, there were Homesteaders every quarter section of land.
Now, many residents have moved to larger towns nearby, but many return each year for the festivities.
"As long as the people keep coming, we're going to keep having our picnic year after year." said Byron Larson, President of Hiddenwood Picnic Association.
"It is home to me. I live in Minot in the wintertime, but I move out here in the summertime. So this is -I can't wait to get home in the Spring. It gets to be Spring and I want to be home." said Ruth Wurtz, Long Time Picnic Attendee.
In Hiddenwood, Hannah Davis, KX News.
The Hiddenwood Ladies Association baked their famous pies to give away at the event.

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