100 Years of Air Force Service

Minot Air Force Base, ND - Only nine years after the Wright Brothers made their first public airplane flight, the squadron now knows as the 23rd Bomb Squadron was born - a century ago.

The 23rd operates B-52 bombers stationed at Minot Air Force Base.
Back at its inception in 1917, it was a maintenance unit and didn't start flying planes until World War Two.

Today, one of the current bombers in the local base's fleet did a flyover as the squadron personnel stood in formation to honor the 100th anniversary.

(Capt. Keene Nettles, B52 Weapons Systems Officer) "It feels great to be a part of such a rich heritage There's so many people coming up to me or people I meet that were at Minot Air Force Base many years ago and if they were B52 aviators, they were part of the 23rd Bomb Squadron."

The actual 100th birthday of the 23rd, was actually in June, but the squadron was deployed overseas at the time and its commemoration of the milestone was delayed until today.

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