What College Students Think of the Presidential Nominees

Published 09/26 2016 06:21PM

Updated 09/26 2016 06:59PM

The presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has been one of the most anticipated debates in recent memory.
And they're also seen as polar opposites: one more reserved and docile, and the other more of a showman and bombastic. 
So, we asked Dickinson State university students to describe the candidates in one or two words. 
"Loud-mouth for Trump and probably a liar for Clinton," McKenzie Basset, a senior at DSU, said.
"He's very egoistical and very power hungry," Karina Perusquia, senior at DSU, said. "I view a lot of the same things for her too, I believe she's very egoistical and she's looking at this as just another campaign and another thing to add to her resume."
Sean Elkins, senior at the university, said "Clinton is secretive and Trump is inconsistent."
"Donald Trump in one word would be unique considering he just a unique guy with a very outside opinion," Kirby Cagle, sophomore at DSU, said. "Clinton would like its been said before secretive and maybe untrustworthy too."
Ahead of tonight's debate, we also asked what can they do to change their opinions about them.
"It's really going to reveal a lot to see who doesn't try slandering the other one," Elkins said.
"They just need to be transparent. I think that is a huge problem with the political race right now is neither candidate is being 100 percent honest, neither being 100 percent transparent," Cagle said.
"Both of them are both possible to change my views, I just want to see them actually address problems," Perusquia said.
If both candidates want to win the young, millennial vote, they're going to have to earn it. By doing so, focusing on the issues and not one another.

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