School district makes sure no student goes hungry at school

The Watford City Intermediate School has about 375 students, and has a new lunch program to make sure no child goes hungry.

At McKenzie County School District No.1, a good nutrition is important.

"Nutritious meals are important because it fuels their bodies, nutritious meals allow them to focus better," said Bambi Shelley, McKenzie County School District No.1, school nutrition director.

At school, students can take food that they don't want and donate it into the Share Table (plastic bin), so another student might be able to enjoy it during the day.

"Sometimes I come from football practice still hungry, and I can take some of that or eat some of it," said Brayden, a students at the Watford City Intermediate School.

Shelley said parents love the the way program creates more opportunities for students to get a good nutritious lunch.

"So a lot of the things I hear from parents is that the kids don't get enough to eat," said Shelley.
The program also helps cut down on the waste of useable food.

The students are only allowed to donate items that are sealed and not partially eaten,
and so far this school year the students have been generous with their food.

The Share Table is a national program sponsored by the USDA, and it's implemented in all the schools in the McKenzie County School District No.1.


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