Parents want more competitive options for preschool in Watford City

Watford City's population is growing rapidly, but it's early education programs are not.

The McKenzie County School District's kindergarten enrollment has doubled in the past five years, and unfortunately, families only have one choice for preschool.

For parents, finding a good preschool is important.

"Knowing their alphabet. Their numbers. Getting the reading process down because there is so much they have to know in kindergarten already," said Rebecca Jordan, fourth grade teacher at Watford City Intermediate School.

As a parent, Jordan wishes she had more selections for preschool in the town.

"I feel like they have the monopoly, and that is where you are forced to go . . .  to Wolf Pup. It is kinda high priced, so that is kind of frustrating as a parent," said Jordan.

If you look on your phone, Wolf Pup Daycare is pretty much the only option for parents looking for preschool in the Watford City area, but to address parents concerns the center has recently started offering new affordable and flexible programs to parents.

"We offer them the chance to take a part - time spot. Like the two days is $90 a month. The three days is $135 a month. We offer that to them. They can also apply for daycare assistance," said Tessa Moberg, director of Wolf Pup Daycare,

Moberg said she is also willing to work with parents.

"They can bring their kid here for two weeks, and if they don't like it its at no cost," said Moberg.

McKenzie County School District No.1 superintendent, Steve Holen said, the district is exploring options for more competitive programs.

"I think Head Start is the first on the list right now, but we would also encourage discussion on what it would take to encourage various level of preschool services, so we can get that percentage higher than it is now.

There are no plans in the works for a new preschool yet, and for now Woof Pup is it.

Wolf Pup Daycare is a non-profit organization and has more than 100 students enrolled in preschool and another 13 on a waitlist.


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