Medicare Part D enrollment deadline approaches

Fourteen percent of the population in Dunn County is 65 years - of - age or older, and for them getting access to affordable prescription drugs is important.

Enrollment for Medicare Part D ends tomorrow (Dec.7), and Janet Wanek, who is a Dunn County agent for Family and Community Wellness said the process can be a frustrating one for individuals.

"Everyone is always concerned if their prescription drug coverage is working for whatever prescription drug they are on," said Wanek.

She has helped about 60 people review and understand plans this year, but its also about helping people find a cost savings plan for prescription drugs.

"Alone so far this year . . . I have helped save . . . just in the last week save about $2,500 for coverage in different individual plans," said Wanek.

Sharon Neurohr, who is a Halliday resident, said she is glad someone like Wanek is around to assist her.

"When you can go and talk to them they can show you in black and white what you are looking at rather than on the phone".

Just enrolling in any health insurance plan is a difficult one, but the growing uncertainty and changes in the healthcare field adds to the problem.

"I do have one prescription that has quadrupled in price in the last year, said Neurohr.

But Wanek does whatever she can do to help people overcome those problems.

"I tend to always guide them to their social services office, if they might meet some of their Medicare savings programs," said Wanek.

There are currently 23 state providers who offer coverage for Medicare Part D, and Wanek and Neurohr are glad that they have options to choose from.

Individuals who fail to signup for the Medicare Part D when they are first eligible at 65 years of age are subject to a monthly penalty if they decide to enroll later.



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