Local radio station celebrates 70th anniversary

It's been a mainstay in the Dickinson community for almost a century.


Still alive and well, KDIX radio station recently celebrated its 70th anniversary. The radio station went on air for the first time on May 16, 1947.



A combination of news, sports and music, the radio station has been around for some of the most memorable moments in American history.

From the assassination of President John F. Kennedy to witnessing the first man on the moon, KDIX sure has stories to tell.

One of them being: the radio station used to be a T.V station--our KXMA TV station.

Our former owner bought the KDIX TV station in 1982.


A jack-of-all-trades for KDIX, Mike Renner, who’s worked for KDIX for 18 years, says to still be on the air for close to a century, is a great accomplishment.


"We get calls or people stopping by a lot of times and they'll say yeah, I remember listening to KDIX when I was a teenager in the 50s or when I was in high school, I cant believe you still do these many events and there thing is connection to the community,” Renner said.


KDIX's Mike Renner says the radio station has had to evolve, as technology became more advanced and news more instantaneous.


To be able to deliver a medium and for people to still be affected every day just like the first day they turned on the radio rather they were little kids rather they were alive in 1947; it still affects you when you have that choice to turn the radio on,” he said.

But, their focus has stayed the same: staying community-based and delivering credible news.


"We have been able to meet the needs of the community and try to be a good part of the community," Renner said.


When asked if the station has another 70 years in it?

He replied, "I think it does. I might not have another 70 years in me, but the station it's probably got another 70 plus."


The radio station is still providing news coverage and broadcasting local sports, while also still giving their audience a taste of the old hits of back in the day.

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