Glen Ullin issues boil order for residents

Glen Ullin resident Janale Bainter was in Hebron when she got a call from her stepson about the boil order.

She immediately hit the road home.

And the first stop was to buy bottled water and pop.


"It will make it more difficult and it's handy to have right there and available because that what we play for water service for," said Bainter.


The city has been using the help of these kids and others to help spread the word about the boil order.

They've been putting these papers on on every house in town, letting people know what to do until the order is lifted.

The city also used emergency alerts and social media to tell people as well.


"After you boil your water, you can drink it," said Albert Lautenslager, the city's emergency manager


Lautenslager says it was animal contamination that compromised the city's water supply.


"They checked the water tower up on top of the hill [on Monday] , when they opened up the door, they had found a deceased mouse floating on the water."


Because of the boil order, here at the Supervalu grocery store, water has been flying off the shelves.

The owners tells us about two dozen 24 packs of water sold within hours.

One of the cashiers at the store says they sold out of gallons of water.


"We now have seven (24 packs of water) left," said Jenna Duppong.


Lautenslager says it's rare for the Glen Ullin to have water issues. 

The city will be sending water samples to the state health department.

They hope to lift the ban later this week.


"The earliest we can be without the boil order would be 24 hours from tomorrow morning,"said Lautenslager.


For Janale, she's wondering how long the water was contaminated before the city found out.


"My family has been drinking it since then making tea with it. That's the water we used fishing with over the weekend."


When we spoke with Jenna, she said Glen Ullin Public Schools were let out early on Monday.

She says it's unclear if school will be canceled on Tuesday.



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