Dickinson shopping mall encourages people to shop locally

With Black Friday coming up, local businesses are getting ready for a shopping frenzy, and those dollars and cents mean a lot to the local communities.

Being a small business owner can be tough in a city like Dickinson

"It's very difficult. We have online shopping. We have big box stores that are our competition," said Cami Havelka, owner of Lillian's Boutique at Prairie Hills Mall.

Havelka said the stakes get even higher during the holidays.

"Oh, the holiday for us makes a 1/4 of our year [sales]," said Havelka

Living and working in a small community like Dickinson, it is important for residents to keep things local.

"So the dollars that my customers . . . my consumers spend with me go back to my employees who then spend more money  in our community. It goes to our taxes, schools, and streets," said Havelka.

To encourage people in the area to shop locally, Prairie Hills Mall collaborated with Vision West on a marketing campaign to inform and educate the public on the importance of shopping within their community.

"If half of the residents of Vision West North Dakota were to shift 10 - percent of the dollars that they spent back to their local communities their would be an additional $702,000 that would come back to the communities," said Deb Nelson, Executive Director of Vision West,

Nelson, said the Go Local campaign was started to help communities find economic sustainability.

"Get people more engaged in their communities so they want to stay there and shop there," said Nelson.

The Prairie Hills Mall, Thank You For Shopping campaign, is a little different from the one started by Vision West in 2016, and Havelka thinks the message is getting across.

" . . .to really emphasize where and and how powerful our tax dollars are," said Havelka.

The campaign started by the Prairie Hills Mall is still in the early stages, but shops like Lillian's Boutique hope to see a lot of local shoppers this holiday season.




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