Dickinson gets out the shovels for the snow

Dickinson got hit today with about 2 inches of snow and freezing wind chills, and some local residents were caught off guard by the bad weather.

"Around 7:38 a.m. it was completely just normal, and it hasn't stopped since," said Austin Krenz, M&H employee,

This morning sidewalks didn't have any snow on them, but since then people were shoveling away.

"I've probably had to shovel the sidewalk five or six times," said Krenz.

Krenz's co-worker. Atlannta Conitz, said she "can't believe there is this much snow right now".

Delivery drivers like Christian Bredwick, who works at Dominos, said their is nothing like a warm car on a day like today.

"I usually have the heater going constantly to keep the car warm  . . . make sure my windows don't get icy and all that".

Bredwick also said that around town most of the drivers were reducing their speed with the road conditions, but the highways were a place where nobody wanted to be.

"I'd say the visibility is like 10 feet in front of me".

On snow days like today some people do enjoy the brisk Winter air and being outdoors, but others just want cuddle to up in a warm bed.

"I don't know . . . its just too cold. . . Too many layers, " said Conitz.

The road conditions improved throughout the day in Dickinson as most of the major roads were plowed, and no road closures were reported


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