Dickinson eliminates rear-load collection route

The Dickinson Solid Waste Department wants to get a city-operated recycling program going,
but in order for something new to start, an old practice will have to end.

Aaron Praus, Solid Waste Department manager, said the reason to get rid of the rear - load garbage collection is because it is a duplication of services, where the city is collecting trash outside of the garbage bins at no additional cost.

Another reason is the department wants to implement a recycling program.

"I think it's a good idea to implement it, and if you can get it to go properly it would be a better thing," said Brian Braun, Dickinson resident,

Braun works at Queen City Barber Shop in Dickinson, and thinks it might take some people to adjust to it.

"Even if you have two out of 10 people doing it, it is still better than nothing," said Braun.

The three crew garbage truck picks up all the loose trash in the Dickinson City limits, and it cost the city a little less than $12,000 last year in fuel and maintenance, and Solid Waste employee, Gary Keller thinks its time for the city to move on.

"We had 120 bags last week at one stop. Leaves and grass. Maybe one or two bags of garbage in it, and that was it. All of it could of been recycled and used for compost," said Keller.

Once the truck route ends residents will have to store their trash in bins to be picked up by single-automated trucks, and separate their recyclables. All loose trash will be picked up by the city at an additional fee.

"We will be saving on the landfill, and that is costly. That stuff can be recycled," said Keller

The Solid Waste Department said the rear - load collection route will run up to at least the end of the year, and people won't have to worry about their trash not being picked up.

Praus said he would like to have a recycling program in place by the Spring of 2018.


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