Working From Home

Direct Sales is a Booming Businesses

 They claim it can be life-changing money.
  You can quit your full-time job.
  You can spend more time with family.
  But do business's like Rodan and Fields, Lue-La-Roe, Mary Kay or any of them really pay?

There are thousands of direct sales companies, selling million of products, chances are you've been a targeted customer on social media.
  But just because they're not for me, doesn't mean they're not for everybody.
Jessica Zuroff/Rodan and Fields: "I thought direct sales might be a joke, and I'm not a sales person."
  She says it happened much to her surprise, after seeing what the products did for her,  then it exploded.  
  We can't tell you how much Jessica Zuroff makes working from home.
  We can only tell you she is a self-made....
Jessica Zuroff/Rodan and Fields: "It's life changing money. Yes."
  After having 4 kids in 4 years -- Jessica says her teaching salary wouldn't pay for daycare.
  So she started her own daycare and taught preschool from her home.
Jessica Zuroff/Rodan and Fields: "So I was teaching preschool when Rodan and Rields came into my life."
  We'll get back to Jessica's story in a minute.
  Now here's Jo Noe.
  She's known as the Scensy lady in Dickinson.
Jo Noe/Scentsy: "The UPS guys say, Hey I know your address!"
  We can't tell you how much she makes either.
Jo Noe/Scentsy: I do well. Lauren: So it pays for you car? - (Jo nods yes), Lauren: your apartment? (Jo nods yes), Lauren: Your trips? Jo: Oh yes."
  It was something she never wanted to do full time because of her past expience with direct sales companies.
Jo Noe/Scentsy: "I was 10 thousand in debt, I was young, I put it on my credit card."
Jessica, too says she failed miserably 9 times...
Jessica Zuroff/Rodan and Fields: It's not easy, its simple but this is tough
  A study of 400 different MLM companies, or multi-level marketing companies showed just what our business woman told us.
  It's not for everybody.
  In the first year of operation, a minimum of 50 percent of representatives drop-out.
  After five years of operation, about 90 percent have left the company.
  By year 10 only those at or near the top have not dropped out -- making it safe to say at least 95 percent of the sellers have dropped out.
  After recovering from her first experience Jo tried again years later.
Jo Noe/Scentsy: "It just kind of blew up and I love it."
  Two women 2 success stories.
  Both say direct sales eventually worked for them.
  Both only work 10 to 20 hours a week.
  Both make "life changing money".
  But here's what else both women say.
Jessica Zuroff/Rodan and Fields: I ended up falling in love with the products.
  You have to truley love the product you sell and believe in the company selling it.
Jo Noe/Scentsy: "They're timeless."
  Although their stories "redefined" their lives,
  and are straight out of the movie "trailer",
  No story is the same.
Jo Noe/Scentsy: "it's not easy money and you'll never get rich quick.

    The numbers aren't small...
  According to Direct Selling Association, millions of American's are involved in direct sales, adding 36 billion to the economy in 2015.
  Jessica says she is seeing teammates in their 20's able to retire from their jobs with Rodan and Fields.
  Joe says she knows of an attorney who quit his job in order to sell Scentsy full time.

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