Winter Safety Tips for Your Home

Although it hasn't felt like a typical North Dakota winter these past few days, with the change of season comes a needed reminder of household equipment that deserves your attention.

For those that use a propane tank, there are extra steps you need to take to keep safe.
Knowing where your shut off valves are and checking that your gauge is functioning properly are very important. Regulators needs to be updated every 20 years. Forgetting to maintain your propane tank can result in deadly consequences.

We spoke with the Mandan fire department about what areas inside your house deserves extra attention as the temperatures continue to drop.

Andrew Beck; Training officer for Mandan City Fire: "One of the problems we see with both portable heating equipment powered by carosin or propane, maybe in garages and nice houses, if it's not functioning correctly, it's going to create carbon monoxide gas. It's an ordorless, colorless gas, it's poisoness. It can build up in a home or a shop or in an icehouse."

Mandan has already responded to 14 cases of carbon monoxide this year -- one incident put a person in the hospital. The fire department also reminds families about the importance of creating a home exit plan in case of an emergency. Taking just a few minutes to talk with your kids can be the difference of getting to safety.

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