Wind Chills: How is it calculated?

Temperatures can drop at a moments notice and it won't always feel like the actual temperature outside.

On some days the actual temperatures feel warm, but when you factor in the classic North Dakota winds, it can feel colder out... and that is called a wind chill.

And it's when the wind increases, taking heat away from the body.

Determining wind chill is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a massive equation that calculates the heat lost from human skin when the winter weather kicks in.

To figure out the wind chill it requires the actual temperature and the wind speeds.
For example... when you have a temperature of 20 degrees and a 10 mph wind speed... it means it actually feels like 9 degrees outside.
And when the temperatures continue to drop and the winds get breezier... the wind chill also drops.

The wind chill does not effect anything that isn't living... such as a car.

To protect yourself from windchill you'll want to wear layers and cover up all exposed skin when it gets to be dangerously cold... to prevent frostbite or hypothermia. 

Our meteorologists are saying that tonight the wind chills are going to get brutally cold.

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