Wildfire smoke bogs down North Dakota air

Smoke from wildfires in Montana has made it's way over much of North Dakota. 
The air quality index shows that the current level is considered unhealthy for all.
Medical professionals report a large number of respiratory problems for many right now.
Particulate matter reached elevated levels across the state last night, consisting of small particles of ashes and soot.
The American Lung Association recommends everybody, especially sensitive groups such as young children, the elderly and individuals with reduced respiratory and heart function, stay inside an air-conditioned space.
They also say if you're driving, keep your windows rolled up and set your air conditioning to the "recirculate" setting.
Home air conditioners should be set to recirculate as well, to reduce the amount of particulate brought into the home.
The North Dakota Department of Health urges anybody who is having trouble breathing after spending time outside, to immediately seek help from a medical provider. 

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