What to do in a crisis situation

A number of North Dakotans found themselves in an active shooter situation. The odds of something like that are very unlikely. But it's an important reminder to always be prepared. Shelby Rose reached out to Bismarck PD and talks about what to do in the off chance it happens. 

22,000 concert-goers found themselves in the unthinkable in Las Vegas Sunday night. An active shooter left nearly 60 dead. It makes us all think about what to do if you find yourself in a similar situation.

"Well I don't think anybody can tell you for sure with 100% certainty of what you can do in every situation. All I can do is give you some options. And your three basic options are run, hide, or fight," said Sergeant Mark Buschena. 

No two active shooter situations are alike. But Sergeant Buschena says to always know where your exits are in case you're able to flee. If not, we have an instinct to strictly hide from the sight of a shooter, like behind a bush. 

He added, "That isn't going to stop the bullets from getting you though. So, your better option would be to take cover. And that would be some place where you are going to be out of sight and the bullets aren't going to get you. Maybe behind an engine block on a car."

There are dozens of cell phone videos all over the internet documenting every moment of the mass shooting. Even though it's giving everyone a real-time update of what's happening, it can do more harm than good. 

"I think it would probably behoove of everyone if they would put their cellphones down and concentrate on, one, their own safety. And two, rendering aid to people who need it rather than standing there, taking video," said Sergeant Buschena.

He also says to refrain from broadcasting police locations in crisis situations. It could release tactical positioning that threatens the safety of the officers.

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