What Causes Dry Skin in the Winter Months?

You may have noticed your skin is usually drier this time of year. 

And Dr. Eric Thompson says a big part of it has to do with not drinking enough water.
In the winter months, you don't sweat as much so you may not think to drink as much. 
And the with the lack of humidity and with the heat on full blast...it dries out the air even more.

Dr. Eric Thompson, M.D. at Sanford, says,"Your best bet: Increase your water intake, increase humidification, use a lotion, and monitor for changes in your skin. And once it's red and dry and starts to hurt then you really have to play catch up. If you need it, steroid creams, can be used, but good old vaseline works just as well and it's much cheaper with less side effects." 

Dr. Thompson says to make it a resolution to drink more water.

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