West Dakota SWAT Trains in South Bismarck

No, this isn't a dangerous situation. The West Dakota SWAT team is using this old house for field training. It's going to be torn down soon, so the developer let them do a number on it. 

"That's why we practice it on places that are going to get torn down because you don't get that option very often," said Lieutenant Glen Ternes. 

They did did quite a few things from, busting through the garage with their vehicle called the Bear Cat, firing off blank rounds at a staged gunman inside, and breaching doors and even walls with explosives.

Ternes added, "There is that option at least to try to breach a wall that way. Because it really would be detrimental not to be able to get in a building and save people especially in an active shooter or active threat situation."

The explosive to break through one door was so loud - it made my camera guy jump. So the officers went door to door to make sure all of the surrounding neighbors knew what was going on.

"We just had to make sure the people understood that there was no real danger down there," said Ternes.

They pulled out all the stops today including using one of their robots. Its controller, Lance Allerdings, is also an officer with the Bismarck Police.

Allerdings said, "I've always had an interest in the SWAT team and basically going above and beyond, you know, the normal job duties of a police officer."

West Dakota SWAT doesn't normally see situations needing this much action, but it's always best to prepare just in case. 

"We like to try to dedicate our time and our effort to practicing what we actually have to on an actual call out so when it does come time for the call out that we're up and ready on our training," said Allerdings.

They have basic trainings every month or so, but one's like this only happen once a year. The West Dakota SWAT team is made up of officers from Bismarck and Mandan police and Morton and Burleigh sheriff's departments. 

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