Wellness Wednesday 9/28/16: Freshman 15

By Jim Gefroh | jgefroh@kxnet.com

Published 09/28 2016 07:44AM

Updated 09/28 2016 07:44AM

"I thought I was pretty good, but it happens..."
Savannah is a sophomore at Bismarck State College.
She knows all about the Freshman 15.
"You're not like doing physical activity every day. You're eating a lot more than you are used to. A lot of junk food and fast food because you're broke," says Savanna Goehring.
Freshman 15 is commonly known as the weight gained when students go from high school to college.
"Some people gain maybe 5 pounds or nothing at all, some people might gain 30 pounds or more," says Kathy Stewart, CHI St. Alexius dietician.
Kathy Stewart is a dietician.
She says decision-making is the most difficult part for students. 
"Having new freedoms and temptations are likely to lead to weight gain."
Stewart says you should keep a balanced diet in mind, even though students say their food options are much different.
"In high school you are kind of limited. Where here, I can get 5 or 6 different things. In high school you are so much more limited," says freshman Juwaun Speed.
"I thought I was pretty good, but it happens, so just watch what you eat and your proportions and just go to the gym once or twice."
Even if you gain a few pounds, these students say, don't sweat it.
"I'm pretty confident about my body and I mean, I mean I'm like oh, I'm getting a little fat and then I'm just like whatever and wear sweats that week," says Goehring.
Even though it's called the freshman 15, don't worry.
Researchers at Cornell University studied students and found males gained roughly 5.6 pounds and females gained 3.6 pounds their first year of college.

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